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Education Officer

Posting and Responsibilities:  


TENI’s research in partnership with the National LGBT Federation and University of Dublin,  along with research in partnership with the University of Limerick highlighted that trans  students in education face systemic challenges to affirming policies that negatively impacts  their retention and success. In all education transgender students need more support, and  education institutes need more tools to create affirming environments for all students.  

TENI seeks to provide an online hub that will be a comprehensive resource toolkit and contain an online training program that can be used throughout the country to resource key  stakeholders, decision makers and vital staff within educational institutes and organisations so they may better impact the lives of transgender people and increase the inclusion and  support of transgender people in these communities. We believe this resource and training  will lead to better student outcomes, such as more students completing their courses of  study, being recognized in their gender identity, having affirming on-campus health and  mental health care and will also support transgender staff. It will lead to building vital skills on campus and within the local communities to include and affirm transgender people  leading to fuller lives and healthier lives.  

Main Responsibilities:  

1. Creation of an Online Portal of Transgender Affirming Educational Resources and Polices: 

a. The portal will have resources, tool-kits, and support materials that will directly help transgender students navigate their educational community with  knowledge and the direct support from TENI. 

i. To create this resource the Education Officer will: 

1. Develop an educational support group for transgender students across the country.  

2. Research and highlight the key challenges trans students face.  

3. Develop the toolkit from the lived experiences of students across different educational institutes.  

4. Develop virtual, print, and in-person trainings that can be used to help trans students navigate their educational community,  

link in key stakeholders to resources, and training, and get direct support for their needs in educational settings.  

b. Collaborate with CEO, and Operations Manager on the development of the TENI Transgender Lives Animation Project

i. This project is creating six animations that highlight trans experiences  in Ireland and will educate people on ways to be allies and supporters of trans people.  

2. Creation of an Online Training Hub for Education and Student Focused  Organisations: 

a. The first-year project will be directly focused on working on designing and  developing training modules, tool-kits, and resources for Higher Education  Institutes to promote inclusion on campus and contribute to better retention and success of transgender people. These trainings will focus on all aspects of a HEI such as on campus health, faculty policies, name change procedures, and trans 101 inclusion resources. 

i. To create this training the Education Officer will: 

1. Convene a focus group compiled of transgender students, staff, and faculty across educational institutes to highlight the challenges faced by trans people, and also compile the main tenets of training that is needed.  

2. Develop a series of trainings that address those various needs and record them as a virtual training series, that can also be delivered in person post-Covid.  

3. Produce a research document that highlights the lives and experiences of transgender students in Higher Education  

Institutes and disseminate the research work to HEIs and key stakeholders across the country.  

b. The goal of this training hub will aim to help HEIs craft affirming policies on  housing, updating gender markers and names, and provide valuable direct  training via online courses to allow service providers, and faculty better tools  to support their students. 

c. Release a yearly report and index on HEIs that have completed the training and a scorecard on transgender inclusion polices and practices to help  transgender students better evaluate campus and college procedures in  enrolling. 

3. Provide Direct Support to Transgender Students 

a. The Education Officer will also possess the skills and knowledge to help  students navigating educational institutes with support, signposting, and  resources as needed. 

4. Other Responsibilities:  

○ Develop a monthly report for funding bodies 

○ Develop a monthly report for the CEO and Board of Directors 

○ Respond to and track all community engagement  

○ Respond to and track all training requests  

○ Other duties as assigned  

Functional Competencies: 

• Third level qualification or comparable experience in Education/Training/Communications.

• At least 2 years work experience in an Education/Training Role.

• Experience, planning and organising trainings and training programmes.  o Experience designing e-learning modules desired but not required.

• Excellent communications, presentation, interpersonal skills. 

• Ability to communicate complex research and policy to non-specialists. 

• IT competency in Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Excel.  

• Research and publication experience desired. 

Salary and Benefits: 

• One year contract with a salary of €28,350 with possibility of extension based on funding. 

• 23 days of paid annual leave.

• Access to TENI’s Employee Assistance Program for workplace and mental health support tools.


Directly reporting to TENI Operations Manager