TENI welcomes our new Chief Executive Officer

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Press Release

Tuesday, 14th July 2020

TENI welcomes our new Chief Executive Officer

On Saturday evening as part of our Gender Recognition 5 Years on programme, TENI was delighted to announce the appointment of Éirénne Carroll as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Éirénne will join the TENI team in coming months. 

Éirénne comes to TENI with an extensive history in launching and leading non-profit initiatives across the globe. She has worked in Kolkata, India creating a homeless to housed and educated program. In Pokhara, Nepal she has worked with leading a drug rehabilitation centre for homeless children. In the United States she has worked on refugee resettlement teams, with at-risk youth and in education and marketing development of schools. 

Most importantly she has worked on LGBTQ+ advocacy projects and transgender equality programming. She was foundational to starting The Trans Love Project, an organisation that exists to spread funds to smaller, underfunded trans non-profits in the US that support advocacy and youth programming. 

She has also worked on journalism articles combating state level anti-trans legislation that have been published in the Huffington Post, The Durham Herald Sun, and the Denton Record Chronicle. These pieces dismantled anti-trans tropes and stereotypes and helped grassroots organisations overturn or stop the passing of bathroom laws, and restrictions to medical care. In her former work she also was responsible for running multiple philanthropic events that would host up to 60,000 people to celebrate Pride and raise funding for LGBT Centres in her state. 

All in all, Éirénne is bringing a tenacity to TENI that she sees continuing to expand the educational work of the organisation which will enhance advocacy, and build strong collaborations with other organisations in Ireland and across the world.

Commenting on the appointment, TENI Chair Sara R Phillips said, “After a comprehensive and intensive hiring process, we are delighted to announce Éirénne’s appointment as the next Chief Executive Officer of TENI. Éirénne brings a new vibrancy to the TENI team, with extensive knowledge in running not for profit programmes throughout the world and central to community organisation in North Carolina. She will be a great addition to our already strong team. The Board look forward to supporting Éirénne and the TENI team in implementing our 3-year strategic plan and creating an Ireland where all people, regardless of their gender identity or expression can enjoy full acceptance, equality and human rights.”

Éirénne commenting on her appointment said, “I am humbled and ecstatic to be joining the work of TENI. From their staff to board they have been passionate leaders across Ireland and have been fundamental in creating a progressive Ireland that is a world leader in transgender rights and equality. However, that doesn’t mean the work is over. I look forward to working on broader education initiatives that will protect and aid transgender children and transgender employees. I am also passionate about pushing forward full recognition for our non-binary and intersex friends, family and colleagues. I envision achieving the long-term goal of an Ireland where transgender people are not just accepted but are thriving, welcomed and supported in every single way. I believe and am ready to get to work for creating an Ireland that will be an international beacon of what true inclusion of diversity looks like”



Sara R Phillips, TENI Chair

E mail: sara@teni.ie

About TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland):

TENI is a non-profit organisation supporting the trans community in Ireland. Our vision is a world where all people, regardless of gender identity or expression, enjoy full acceptance, equality and human rights. Through support, education, advocacy and community development, TENI seeks to advance the rights and equality, and improve the lives of trans people and their families.