Éirénne Carroll is the Chief Executive Officer for TENI and she has a wealth of experience in launching and leading non-profit initiatives across the globe before joining our team. She has worked extensively in LGBTQ+ rights as the previous Director of Marketing and Development at the LGBT Center of Raleigh where she focused on sustainable funding, and amplifying the voices of the LGBTQ+ community while also overseeing the city of Raleigh’s Pride initiatives and events. She has written for The Huff Post as a guest writer on transgender discrimination and experiences. She was also a founder of The Trans Love Project, an organisation that exists to spread funds to smaller, underfunded trans non-profits in the US that support advocacy and youth programming, you may have even seen Jazz Jennings, Gavin Grimm, and Danica Roem rocking her shirts. 


Her work as the CEO of TENI seeks to improve conditions and advance the rights and equality of trans people and their families. She is responsible for overseeing TENI’s strategic plan and for ensuring the voice of the community is at the forefront of the work and can be seen delivering training, presenting at seminars, and in media appearances. 


Outside of work she enjoys making art, designing cosplay, reading DC comics, and skating.


Vanessa is TENI’s Health and Education Manager and has been part of the organisation since 2010. In her role, Vanessa designs and delivers awareness training and Gender Identity Skills Training (GIST) for healthcare professionals throughout Ireland. In 2011, she created the family support group, TransParenCI, which continues to support families around the country. Vanessa has a BA in Psychology and was recently awarded her PhD which focused on grief and loss experienced by trans women and their families. She has made several media appearances in relation to her work and also contributes to academic papers. Vanessa is a registered member of WPATH and sits on various HSE and Tusla committees on both national and regional levels. Vanessa is also the current Chairperson of TransParenCI.


Gordon is TENI’s Operations Manager. He runs the TENI office, manages TENI’s social media and coordinates TENI events. He is responsible for the design and delivery of TENI’s ‘Trans 101’ training programme. Gordon works with employers, higher education institutions and support organisations to ensure that their policies and procedures are trans friendly, and advises on diversity and inclusion strategies in regard to trans people.


Hannah is TENI’s Family Support and Education Officer. In her role she offers support, advice and signposting to parents and family members of transgender young people. She helps link parents to the support groups located throughout the country and offers advise on how best to approach a school when needing support in making a social transition. She organises events, both fun and informative in order to give continued support to the whole transgender community. She also works with schools to increase awareness about gender diverse students and their needs within a school context. She helps schools to develop best practice guidelines for students making a social transition whilst in school and gives teacher training so that the whole school community can best support gender diverse students. Hannah has a MA in Dramatherapy and over ten years of experience in working with young people and their families in a variety of community, education and other youth centred settings. She is passionate about creating positive mental health outcomes for all young people.


Keeva is TENI’s National Community Development Officer. Her work focuses on promoting mental health, resilience and capacity building within the trans community in Ireland through community events and liaising with trans peer support groups around the country. Keeva holds a Master’s in International Development as well as a degree in digital media and prior to joining TENI, she was Overseas Communications Officer for Concern Worldwide and also worked as a videographer. In her own words, Keeva is an “out and proud intersectional feminist and bi lesbian” and in her spare time, “when not engaging in community work and smashing the patriarchy” Keeva likes to brew mead in her kitchen for fun.


Steven is TENI’s Administrative Officer and has been with the organisation since August 2019. In his role, Steven is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the office and is often the first point of contact for people seeking support. Prior to taking up his position as Administrator, Steven served on TENI’s Board of Directors. He is also the Chairperson of the Irish Trans Support Alliance which is a volunteer-led peer support network.