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Suicide in Trans Communities - New Data from the Mental Health & Well-being Survey

The preliminary results from the Trans Mental Health and Well-being survey* have found high levels of suicide ideation and attempted suicide within transgender communities in Ireland. The data revealed that 78% of trans people have thought about ending their lives and 40% have attempted suicide. 

"These are very disturbing statistics," said TENI Director Broden Giambrone. "Trans people are part of the fabric of Irish society - we pay taxes, go to school, have families. Yet many of us feel excluded and there is still significant stigmatisation and marginalisation of trans people."

This situation requires immediate action on the part of our community, policy-makers, service providers and educators.

For more information please download the pamphlet below: Trans Mental Health & Well-being Survey: Self-harm & Suicide 



44% of trans respondents said they self-harmed. 38% reported self-harming in the past and 6% currently self-harm. 

Suicide Ideation

78% of trans respondents said they had thought about ending their life. 63% of respondents said they thought about attempting suicide in the last year. 

Attempted Suicide

40% of respondents said they had attempted suicide in their life. 12% attempted once, 22% attempted 2-5 times and 6% attempted suicide more than 5 times. 


81% of respondents thought about or attempted suicide more before transition. For many people, the process of coming out or medical transition brought significant relief. As one respondent said, “I couldn’t live anymore as male, however that has changed during and post transition. I love life and I love being able to enjoy it.”

*The Trans Mental Health and Well-being Survey was conducted in Ireland and the UK between June and August 2012. The project was a partnership between trans community members, researchers at Sheffield Hallam University, and the Scottish Transgender Alliance, Trans Resource and Empowerment Centre, and TransBareAll.

Online surveys were completed by people over the age of 18 whose gender identity or expression was different from the sex they were assigned at birth. In Ireland, 162 people responded to the first part of the survey, with 106 of these going on to complete the survey. The survey took between 1-3 hours to complete.




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    Trans Mental Health & Well-being Survey: Self-harm & Suicide


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