Transvestite / Crossdressing

Transvestites (or sometimes called crossdressers) are people who wear clothing, accessories, jewellery of make-up not traditionally associated with their assigned sex.

Transvestites 'dress' for numerous reasons. Some feel the strong need to express femininity or masculinity while others might crossdress for artistic expression or erotic enjoyment. However, most people who crossdress generally have no intention of changing their bodies through hormones or surgeries. Although, some people do go on to identify as transgender or transsexual. 

Transvestite FAQ

We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for crossdressers (CDs), transvestites (TVs) and their partners to anonymously share their experiences in order to learn from each other and access support without fear or judgement. Together we can raise awareness amongst ourselves and throughout society about the experiences of CDs/TVs and partners.

If you need support or information please contact TENI at 01 873 3575.

Support Groups

For a list of Support Groups in the Republic of Ireland please go here.

Belfast Butterfly Club (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Helpline 028 9267 3720 (8-10pm)

Online Resources

Irishtrannie (yahoo group)

Dressing Services

Suzies Shopping and Dressing Service (Facebook page)

Suzies Shopping Website

Honeytrap Dressing Service Dun Laoghaire. Call Melissa on 01 284 4466


Cross-Dressing: I'm a straight man who dresses as a woman...and I'm looking for love (Independent Woman, Irish Independent, 28 April 2012)

Why cross-dressing really isn't an issue to poke fun at (Belfast Telegraph, 14 Sept 2011) 

Floats like a butterfly, dresses like a she (The Irish Times, 5 March 2011) 


Gemini - Transvestite and TS Support (Facebook page)
Gemini Club (Yahoo group)

The Gemini Club is situated in central Dublin and provides a discreet, friendly and relaxed dressing service for TV's, CD's and the transgender community. The club is open on Friday and Saturday nights.
Contact Natalie: 087 762 1869 (11am-9pm Mon-Thurs & 11am-11pm Fri-Sat) 

Trannie Haven, Harcourt Street, Dublin Contact Emma for details 086 028 4580

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