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About Us

Board Resolutions

The TENI Board takes strategic positions on various issues and topics. We endeavour to take a human rights approach to all our work and support those who are most vulnerable. All resolutions are done in consultation with affected groups and relevant stakeholders. If you have any queries, please contact TENI Chair at Please see below for resolutions that have been passed by the Board.


  • Resolution on Intersex Rights (RES001) 115kb

    TENI supports the human rights of all intersex bodied people. TENI will stand in solidarity with intersex individuals and groups to end discrimination and to ensure the right to bodily integrity, physical autonomy and self-determination. TENI will work in collaboration with IntersexUK and other organisations to promote intersex visibility, awareness and rights.

  • Resolution on Sex Work (RES002) 108kb

    TENI supports the human rights of all sex workers and acknowledges that trans sex workers are valued members of the trans community. Trans sex workers have played a key role in the struggle for LGBT equality, including active participation and leadership in the Stonewall Rebellion in New York in 1969 which spearheaded the LGBT rights movement.

  • Resolution in Support of Transvestites¬†and Crossdressers (RES003) 93kb

    TENI supports the human rights of transvestites (TV) and crossdressers (CD). TENI embraces TVs, CDs and related identities as an integral part of the transgender community.

  • Resolution in Support of Repeal the Eighth Campaign (RES005) 33kb

    TENI supports the Repeal the Eighth campaign because it is in line with our commitment to human rights and equality. As a trans organisation, we know the importance of ensuring self-determination, bodily integrity and physical autonomy.


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