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Community engagement is an essential part of our identity. By being Team TENI you are helping us to build a vibrant and sustainable trans community in Ireland. To vote or run in the 2017 Board elections you must be a current member of TENI. Memberships issued since November 1st 2016 are valid until December 31st 2017.

You can sign up to become a member of TENI here. Membership is now closed until later in the year.

Why Become a Member?

The passage of the Gender Recognition Act in 2015 marked a new era for our community. We're proud of the role that TENI played in achieving legislation based on self-determination and want to thank everyone who supported our campaign. Of course, there is still more work to be done to ensure the full inclusion of young, intersex and non-binary people and we're gearing up for the next phase of the campaign.

Here are some of the other things we've done in 2016*:

  • People often come to TENI looking for someone to listen without judgement. This year we've been contacted 1,972 times by people looking for general support and information
  • Young people are coming out or expressing their gender at younger and younger ages. This year we've been contacted 400 times by families who are looking for support for their child and we've been here to offer it.  
  • Young trans people need support in schools. This year we have delivered 64 trainings to 3,405 students, staff and administration in educational settings. This includes 38 trainings in first and second-level schools. 
  • Accessible and trans friendly healthcare is one of our biggest priorities. Since 2013, TENI has delivered 121 trainings to 5,207 health professionals, including psychological/psychiatric services, general practitioners, frontline hospital staff and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). 
  • We're great at events! This year we hosted TRANSforming Lives, the first trans mental heatlh awareness week. We also co-hosted the third family residential weekend which brought together 120 people from across Ireland.  

(*Updated 1st November 2016).

You can learn more about our work here

TENI is a community-driven organisation and we rely on our members. We want you to be Team TENI! Click here to become a member.

Member Rights

Membership provides you with:

  • TENI membership card (and perks if you get our membership packages).
  • A voice at the General Assembly.  
  • A vote in the elections or ratification of new members of the Board of Directors.
  • Eligibility to run for election to the Board of Directors.
  • Regular updates on events or volunteer opportunities.  
  • Engagement with TENI through our social media channels.

Member Responsibilities

In choosing to be a member of TENI, you are indicating your support of TENI's vision, mission and approach. Read more here.

You must read and agree to TENI's Terms and Conditions of membership here.

Membership Fees

We have a few exciting membership packages to choose from this year:

  • Bronze Membership Package - €5 (Annual membership, TENI membership card and badge).
  • Silver Membership Package - €10 (Annual membership, TENI membership card, badge and limited edition wristband).  
  • Gold Membership Package - €25 (Annual membership, TENI membership card, badge, limited edition wristband and limited edition t-shirt). 
  • Platinum Membership Package - €100 (Ten year membership, TENI membership card, badge, limited edition wristband and limited edition t-shirt).

All membership packages valid until December 31st 2017 (with the exception of Platinum Membership Packages).

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If you would like more info, please get in touch: or (01) 873 3575.


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