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20 OCT 2012

GDI Calls for the Removal of Diagnosis from Proposed Legislation


Gay Doctors Ireland (GDI) supports TENI's campaign to extricate the medical progress, including diagnosis of gender identity disorder, from the criteria for gender recognition legislation.

We are a professional organisation of LGBT doctors and medical students in Ireland, with a large membership consisting of consultants, GPs, NCHDs, other physicians and medical students.

We believe that the concept of 'gender identity disorder' is a shoe-horning, one-size-fits-all diagnosis that many transgender people find stigmatising and pathologizing. We know that many transgender people will fall outside the strict rubric of the official psychiatric criteria for 'diagnosis'. It is somewhat analagous to the medical profession's past description of homosexuality as a mental illness — homosexuality was listed in the International Classification of Diseases up until as late as 1990.

Nonetheless we recognise that transgender people seek access to healthcare: many for support; some request transition via medical hormonal therapy and/or surgical treatments. However many will not choose to do so.


We believe that a system requiring medical diagnosis for simple legal recognition of one's gender, considering the complexities and the fact that everyone is different, is not just outdated: it is wrong, hassling and unnecessary.


Our gender identity and its legal recognition is something most of us take for granted. But the rights of minorities are not something that should be taken for granted. On behalf of GDI, I call on the Irish government to act sensibly and sensitively and to enhance the quality of life and dignity of the many wonderful transgender people living in this country. 
Dr Leslie Hannon
Chairperson of Gay Doctors Ireland



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