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16 OCT 2012

TENI Press Release: Meteor's Transphobic Ad and #MeteorShame

Irish telecommunications company Meteor continues to run an ad promoting transgender stereotypes and encouraging a cheap laugh at the expense of trans people.

Meteor Mobile Communication Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Irish telecoms network Eircom.

TENI has lodged complaints with Meteor and the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) and has reported the ad on youtube. Earlier this year, TENI was instrumental in mobilising the trans community and their allies to speak out against the Paddy Power 'Ladies Day' advertisement, which the ASAI deemed offensive and objectionable and resulted in the ad being banned.

TENI Director Broden Giambrone commented, "Ireland's trans community should not be used for cheap laughs. In a recent health survey, 40% of trans people in Ireland had attempted suicide at least once. The figures are shocking."

Today TENI is galvanizing people to speak out against the ad with a twitter campaign #MeteorShame. The campaign features recent comments from trans people on how they feel about trans representation in the media. It highlights the exacerbation of depression and debilitating isolation to which irresponsible media directly contributes. The comments are taken from a recent Trans Mental Health & Wellbeing Survey, which revealed 78% of trans people in Ireland had considered suicide and 40% of people had attempted suicide at least once. The Irish survey was a joint project between TENI and several UK agencies; partners included Sheffield Hallam University and the Scottish Transgender Alliance. 

The ad is being shown widely on satellite and terrestrial channels, including RTÉ One, which aired the ad during its main evening news yesterday evening (Monday 15 October). The ad is also being screened in cinemas, and has appeared before the popular Pixar/Disney children's film 'Brave'. 

Giambrone continued, "Trans people are among the most marginalised people in Ireland. They are Irish residents and taxpayers, and are still not recognised by the State in their true gender. They are not accorded their basic human rights. Meteor's ad makes fun of a vulnerable group of people and dehumanises them. It is unacceptable." 

The campaign is visible on


If you see this ad on TV and want to make a complaint you can do so with the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI):

You can complain to Meteor online here or by calling them on 01 430 7000 and asking for the Marketing Department.


Contact TENI on (01) 873 3575 or email
TENI’s Director Broden Giambrone is available for interview to discuss trans experiences in Ireland and TENI's work in health and support. He can be contacted on 087 135 9816.


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