20 FEB 2012

Trans in Media: TENI Calls for Transphobic Advert to be Withdrawn

TENI has called on Paddy Power to withdraw their recent transphobic advert. The 31-second ad, which was broadcast on SkySports in Ireland and the UK last weekend, is based on the premise of separating transgender women from cisgender women: 'spot the stallions from the mares'.

TENI Director Broden Giambrone and National Development Worker Vanessa Lacey have both contacted Paddy Power in the UK and Ireland to complain about the ad's deeply transphobic content.

Vanessa Lacey explained the damage caused by the ad to trans people in Ireland, "I've spent the weekend fielding calls and supporting people who are feeling mocked and ridiculed, and are deeply hurt by this. I cannot understand how Paddy Power think this is funny."

"The situation in Ireland is that transgender people face a huge amount of marginalisation," said Broden Giambrone. "The longer that ad stays up, the longer it is causing harm. We want for Paddy Power to do the right thing and remove the ad and issue an apology."

Paddy Power, which is Ireland's largest bookmaker, told TENI that they are taking the matter seriously, and will issue a response shortly.

To see the ad: http://www.cheltenhamfestival.net/category/Latest-Betting/Cheltenham-Festival-Paddy-Power-Ladies-Day-TV-Ad--200-free-bet-201202170035/



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