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25 NOV 2015

Gardaí Now Record Transphobia as a Motive in PULSE System

TENI is pleased to announce that An Garda Síochána's PULSE system now includes the possibility of recording transphobia as a motive in an incident. PULSE is a computer system used by the Gardaí to record all incidents and has been updated to allow a variety of discriminatory motives to be entered.

"TENI commends the Gardaí for this positive step forward. Until now, it was impossible to flag an incident as having a transphobic motive which made transphobia officially invisible," said TENI Chief Executive Broden Giambrone. "This means that an incident can now be correctly recorded and will also allow the Gardaí to collect data on how many transphobic incidents have been reported."

There are no official statistics on the number of transphobic incidents which occur in Ireland every year. TENI's Stop Transphobia and Discrimination (STAD) campaign, a third-party reporting system that records transphobic incidents and hate crimes in Ireland, recorded 41 incidents in 2014. Of these, 22 incidents could be classified as criminal offences though very few were reported to the gardaí.

"These figures are just the tip of the iceberg. We know anecdotally that trans people regularly face discrimination, harassment and violence and they don't report it anywhere," said Giambrone.

Accurate reporting is an important step to addressing transphobia. 

"We hope that this positive development will encourage the trans community to report transphobic incidents directly to the Gardaí and to specifically request that these are recorded as having a transphobic motive," said Giambrone. "We will continue to work with the Gardaí to develop policy and practice to ensure that our community is safe and supported."

TENI also asks that the trans community continue to report crimes to STAD as this information helps us have a clearer understanding of the experiences of trans people. 

Reporting a Crime


If you have suffered abuse, harassment or violence because of your gender identity or gender expression, you can contact the Crime Victims Helpline at 1850 211 407 or

Help TENI map transphobic incidents and hate crimes in Ireland by reportinghere.


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